Fabletics Review – High Waisted and Powerhold Leggings

This brand has taken over! Kate Hudson isn’t just an actress anymore, she’s now created a huge athletic brand called Fabletics that is taking major brands by storm,

I’ve ordered from this brand years ago and the material hasn’t shown any wear! Since then, this brand has changed a bit, unlike most online athletic brands this one is a subscription based company. That means that each month you pay a set amount and whether you use it or not it goes toward your purchase. By signing up and becoming a VIP member you get monthly updates on new ‘outfits’, shoes etc and a discount on buying a full outfit they have designed just for you (new perks are arriving this month too) I like this idea because you don’t actually have to spend money either. As in, on the 1st – 3rd of each month you can ‘skip it’, in case you don’t like anything they have out right now etc.

I ordered three things this time, as I had three subscriptions that I forgot to ‘skip’ so it only cost me $3.50 USD in the end (even after shipping) and when she released this gorgeous violet long sleeve I decided it was time that I ordered from them again.

Jules SculptKnit L/S Top – M

Oh my god, this top is STUNNING! Not to mention it’s probably the softest fabric I’ve ever worn. I wore it during a cardio session to see how sweat showed and at the end of my session I was drenched, but it was barely seen!! The best part was, after my workout I ran into the supplement store beside the gym and within 10 minutes I was actually a bit cold, the wicking in the fabric works so well. I’m definitely keeping my eye out for more clothing in this material.

Powerhold 7/8 Leggings

I ordered these in an SM a bit worried they would get here and be too tight around the butt. They fit! Although the 7/8 in regular are basically a full-length legging on me they fit the thighs wonderful and don’t seem to be too see-through. After wearing them for a full hour I had to start pulling them up a tad because they’re a bit loose around the waist, which was expected as the older pair I have to do the same and honestly I wouldn’t go to anything smaller as I’m sure they’d be definitely more transparent as they would be extremely tight on the waist and butt area.

High waisted seamless Leggings

Well, I have to say I’m a bit disappointed in these. For being a SM in Seamless I was expecting them to be a lot tighter and hug the thighs more, unfortunately not. The waist band is oddly placed, and what I mean by that is it sits too high or it wasn’t made long enough. Basically, the band sits about 2″ too short and the crotch length from the bottom of the waistband is so long it becomes baggy in the crotch area. Makes me feel like I’m wearing MC Hammer pants… I went back online to the photo on these leggings and you can see in the photo the crotch length is actually very long. Sadly, as these are beautiful on with the cutouts on the back of the legs I’m trying to send them back.


They appear to advertise an ‘easy’ and simple return process, there’s a sheet of paper that explains how to do a return that comes with your package and instructions online. All you have to do is go online to your profile, go to the item you’d like to return and answer some questions and they’ll send you a shipping label. 4 weeks later and I’m still waiting, I’ve even spoken to someone via Live Chat and they told me to expect one in a few days as the ‘Label creator’ was down… so at this time make sure your prepared to own the item you order in case it doesn’t fit.

Have you ordered from them before? If so, what do you recommend!?



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